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Tips For Better & Safe Driving With MotorCycles

First rule. Always wear a helmet. Also make sure that the helmet fits snugly and is strapped on securely.

Try and improve your chances of being seen by other vehicles. Wear bright-coloured clothes, or a bright helmet. Use reflective stripes on your helmet to increase your visibility. Another good practice is to keep your headlights switched on, even in daylight. Ensure your brake lights and tail-lights are working. This could save your life on a dark night.


No Guts No Glory, No Ride No Story!

Sumit Dar

Get to know your bike intimately. When riding a new or unfamiliar bike, take it easy for a few hundred kilometres. Approach its limit slowly and back off one step when you find the limit. Always ride within your limits, and the bike's limit.

If you are tired or sleepy, pull over, and get a cup of tea. You may feel awake when you set off, but it's difficult to judge when fatigue sets in. Incredible as it may sound, it's possible to fall asleep on a bike.

Always ride with the assumption that other people on the road aren't concerned about safety. Happy riding.